Investment Plan MLM Software

Investment plan is an exciting scheme to generate indirect income, making investment at once; you can earn your money in the form of royalty. But as simple is the earning from the scheme, more difficult is its database management. To keep the process of database management simple like its plan, MLMIgniter has come up with the solutions. The software developed for the investment plan keeps it grounded and that helps in earning new members by the mlm company.

  • Daily Interest Rate Calculation
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • Web-Based Application
  • Accuracy & Consistency
  • User-Friendly Interface

Investment Plan MLM Software Features

Easy to Operate

The MLMIgniter Software user interface is very simple so it makes easy for anyone with basic internet knowledge. Altogether it’s a 100% user-friendly Software available in online market..


MLMIgniter Software can be customized to any type of MLM Compensation Plan like Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board, Party, and to any other custom compensation plan.

Full Responsive

MLMIgniter Software is designed exploitation Responsive internet style approach. It mechanically optimizes the page for any device, be it smartphones, tablets, desktops and os platforms like android, ios, windows etc


All the funds are added in E-wallet, Using this can purchase Product, E-Pin, transfer the amount to another member etc.

SMS Integration

The registered member will get instant notifications of user Payout, New joining, Reward, Birthday Reminder etc.SMS Integration is quite vital for any MLM compensation plan.

Fast, Secure, Reliable

Our MLM Software is the Fastest, Secure and a Reliable solution to make the system work smoothly. Users can process their payment transactions much secure using MLMIgniter Software

CMS Technologies

Can be used in CMS (Content Management System) to add, update, delete the content with your comfort.


Using our E-Mail notification system user will receive all the details of Payout, New joining, reward, birthday reminder etc.


E–Pin is a security code generated by the software for handling the registration and product shipping. With this, we make your transaction secure.

Strong Backup System

With our backup system, the user can restore software to any previous stage without any loss of data. Read More about our Backup System.

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